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Top tips on how to burn off the easter bunny’s chocolates

Easter is a great time of year! Kids and grown-ups alike love nothing more than a celebration, a get-together with friends and family, and plenty of food, drink and chocolate. However, if you’re amongst the large percentage of the population currently watching food consumption and waistlines, then annual festivals and celebrations may leave you feeling apprehensive about how best to stay healthy.

Furthermore, it gets worse as we’re the bearers of bad news. Unfortunately, it’s been reported that to burn off just ONE average-sized Easter egg, you will need to walk briskly for approximately four hours. And the statistics get even more horrifying as the eggs grow bigger and grander, with a ‘deluxe’ Easter egg containing in the region of 800 calories.

Needless to say, at The QHotels Collection Health Club we’ve come up with some reliable ways to steer clear of the chocolates – or if you do indulge, then we’ve included a few top tips on how to burn off those Easter calories.

Prevention is better than cure. So if friends and family members want to buy you an Easter egg, why not ask instead for a little non-calorie laden treat, such as a DVD, cosmetics, perfume / aftershave, or anything else you may want as a small extravagance. You’ll find that many of your friends and family will be supportive of your weight loss goals, and will be only too willing to help you along the way.

If chocolatey treats and Easter eggs are on the list, then why not have some fun with family and friends over the long weekend. Set up a mini assault course in your garden (if the weather’s good!) and get really active with the kids. Or how about fun Easter-themed games, such as an egg and spoon race. These are all forms of exercise and will help you to offset the damage a little bit!

Why not encourage friends and family members to make the most of the long weekend by getting out in the fresh air for a walk. The UK may not be blessed with the most reliable of weather, but there are certainly plenty of fantastic walking routes in and around the locality. So grab your walking boots and a waterproof, and go for a hike.

Get inspired by the Easter bunny himself and do some bouncy exercises as part of your workout. So why not grab a skipping rope and get jumping in the garden! The speed of the rope is crucial, so jump low but get your arms moving quickly. Star jumps are another stalwart and popular as warm ups or quick-fire calorie burners. And finally, why not give ‘jump lunges’ a go. A similar technique to the usual lunge, so start as you would normally. However, jump back up and while you’re in mid-air swing your right leg to the front and your left leg to the back. Now aim to land on both legs simultaneously, with your knees bent to absorb the impact.