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Look cracking this Christmas…Your daily tips to enjoying the festivities

Christmas is a wonderful time of year; full of social time with family and friends, as well as plenty of festive cheer, food and relaxation. However, it is really easy to fall off track with all the Christmas temptations. Here’s how to stay on track this season.

If you are wondering how to survive Christmas this year then rest assured you are not alone. Given that almost everyone sadly experiences at least some of the negative factors associated with the festive period, we felt at The QHotels Collection Health Clubs that it was a good time to offer some daily tips on how to survive Christmas:

Take care of you. Start by making a mental note to look after your own health and wellbeing. Social get-togethers, late nights, rich food, alcohol and tearing around getting things sorted can leave you exhausted. Make sure you plan in a few early nights wherever possible so that you top up on that all-important sleep. Keep a watchful eye on your diet and, if necessary, top up with a multivitamin to help support your immune system. Set your own food and alcohol limits – and stick to them by employing a little willpower. And above all else, say no! No to too much food and drink. No to doing too much. No to taking on anything that you know will push you to the limit and impact on your own health and wellbeing. Sometimes being a little selfish is actually more self-less in the long run.

Moderation is key. Remember you have no obligation to eat more than normal just because it’s Christmas, so listen to your body and your stomach and know when to stop. Try to eat normally as the worst thing you can do is to skip meals – particularly breakfast in an attempt to store up ‘credit calories’. Small, regular, healthy meals and nutritious snacks are ideal for preventing overindulgence. Also, try to be mindful of what you are eating by being calorie conscious and choosing healthier nibbles, such as nuts, dried fruits, seasonal satsumas, a little dark chocolate and roasted chestnuts.

Be mindful. This applies to eating, drinking and socialising. So ask yourself questions such as, ‘Do I need it, do I want it, am I only eating it because it’s there, do I need to go to this party, or am I only doing it to keep other people happy’? Sometimes by taking a step back and looking at a situation with detachment you can experience a greater feeling of control and empowerment.

Remember that alcohol is full of empty calories. And it is second only to fat in terms of numbers of calories. Furthermore, alcohol stimulates your appetite and lowers your willpower. So try having a small, healthy snack before you go out to a social event to help with absorbing alcohol and preventing the munchies a little. A banana, a handful of almonds, some natural yoghurt with oats and honey… these are all great suggestions and healthy treats, too.

Keep exercising as much as possible. Exercise is not only great for helping to counter the effects of too much rich food and alcohol, but it is also proven to do exceptional things for boosting your state of mind and helping to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, getting a bit of time to yourself to exercise will really help you to cope with the rigours of the festive period. And also don’t forget that you have been grafting all year round too, so it seems unfair that all your hard work should be undone over the course of a couple of weeks.

Be your best. There is no doubt that you have put in the work to achieve your results, so why not let it show! Look amazing by treating yourself to a fabulous Christmas outfit and really allow it to reflect all of your hours spent sweating in the gym or fitness classes. Not only will looking amazing give your confidence an enormous boost, but as an aside, albeit a huge plus, you will be less likely to overdo the food and alcohol.

Have fun. Christmas is a time of festive cheer, fun and celebration. So if all else fails, just try to embrace it and join in the spirit of Christmas. You deserve to relax after all and you are sure to find surviving Christmas that little bit easier if you just go with the flow.