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The super health benefits of fitness and why it makes you feel great

At The QHotels Collection Health Clubs, we know there’s no better feeling than that post-workout endorphin buzz. You’ve pushed your body to its maximum and now you’re revelling in a job well done. But alongside that fabulous after-fitness feeling, there are a whole host of super health benefits associated with working out. Let’s take a look at why exercise is so great:

1. There’s no denying that exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Even the NHS agrees it’s a miracle cure and can help to reduce your risk of major illnesses, including certain cancers, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. So if you love your heart, health and body, then start loving fitness too!

2. Bones and Back: Each year, one third of the UK’s population experiences back or joint pain. However, if you exercise regularly then you’re far less likely to experience any nagging symptoms. And for sufferers of painful conditions, such as osteoarthritis, then walking, swimming, and other moderate activity exercises can help to really ease the pain.

Furthermore, regular exercise can help to increase bone mineral density. This means stronger, healthier bones, a reduced chance of developing osteoporosis, and it also helps to slow down bone degeneration as we grow old.

3. Beat the Blues: It’s a proven fact that exercise and physical activity not only makes you feel fabulous, but it can help prevent depression and treat certain mental health conditions. People who are physically active and enjoy regular exercise often report a reduction in feelings of anxiety, tension and stress.

4. Find Your Happy Weight: A good, healthy diet combined with plenty of regular exercise is essential if you want to lose weight. It’s also vital if you’re happy with your figure, but you want to maintain it without the fear of putting on a few pounds. Put simply, you’re burning what you’re eating – it’s all about a balance between energy in and energy out. So you can indulge in an occasional treat, but just make sure it’s in moderation!

5. Ward Off Colds and Sniffles: You wouldn’t automatically think of exercise as a cold remedy; however, research suggests that people who participate in regular physical activity, are 23% less likely to get colds than those indulging in a more sedentary lifestyle. That’s because exercise is purported to boost our immune systems for a few hours each day.