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At The QHotels Collection, we believe that fueling your body correctly is essential to your fitness performance – as well as your overall everyday health and wellbeing. And there’s no greater food and fitness benefit than starting the day the ‘right way’ with a cracking good breakfast!

As the name suggests, you’re ‘breaking your fast’. So be kind to your body and don’t make it wait until lunch to refuel again. And forget grabbing a quick sugary snack on the run too – it might seem a good idea at the time, but it won’t give your body the nourishment it needs to function well throughout the morning. Instead, set your alarm a few minutes earlier and make certain you schedule in time to sit down and enjoy a healthy start to the day.

Here are our top reasons for not skipping breakfast, ditching those bad habits and making time every morning to stock up on the right foods:

1. Your body responds to not eating for 12 or so hours overnight by slowing its metabolic rate. This means that if you don’t kick-start your metabolic rate again in the morning by eating breakfast, the chances are you’ll see a slow, but steady, weight gain. By simply eating breakfast, you’ll wake up your metabolism, get your body’s engine working, and burn those calories to help lose weight and maintain a healthy balance.

2. Eating more of the right thing means you’ll feel fuller for longer, you’ll be less likely to snack on high fat calorie-laden foods, and in turn will be slimmer. So eating breakfast really is a no brainer, isn’t it?! By skipping meals your metabolism slows down and you’ll be more tempted to snack, which means a vicious circle of eating, weight gain, and then missing meals to lose weight. Instead, opt for little and often – of the right thing! So fruit, veg, eggs, high fibre breakfast cereals, and even lean bacon (grilled!)… It’s all good stuff.

3. If you’re already in the breakfast habit, but it’s more ‘Danish pastry on the run’, then it’s definitely time to switch for a healthy transformation. High sugar and calorie laden foods are fine as treats, but your blood sugar levels will peak and soar like a bungee wire – as will your weight.

4. Numerous studies have proven that children and adults alike all do better at school / work by starting the day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast. When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to feel weak and tired. However, when you’re well sated and nourished, your energy levels will rocket.

5. Fill up on foods, nutrients and vitamins you may otherwise not have the chance to consume during the day. Many breakfast cereals are enhanced with folic acid, vitamins, calcium, fibre etc., and offer a superb opportunity to stock up on the essentials.

6. If you have children, then now’s the time to start setting a great example. Sit down together for breakfast, have a chat, enjoy a few minutes of peace before the day starts, and you’ll all feel so much happier, healthier, and better fuelled to face whatever’s in store.